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Engineering Services
ABOUT Engineering Services
Engineering Services encompass a range of professional services engaged in the design, analysis, engineering, prototyping, and development aspects of products, processes, etc. Many firms engaged in such activities offer an overlapping menu of these services, such as drafting and design, analytical services and reverse engineering, etc. Such firms generally employ experts in their fields who engaging daily with the oftentimes sophisticated software that many of these services require. Many such firms offer service for every step of the way from product conception to production.

Engineering services are used in other endeavors aside from product development. Legal firms often engage engineering firms in accident reconstruction, product testing, failure analysis, etc. Reverse engineering services are sometime used by aftermarket parts manufacturers to determine the dimensional constraints of existing products. Prototyping services, and, increasingly, rapid prototyping, are used in many steps along the way to introducing new products.

Engineering services include other technical services such as drafting and industrial design.

Analytical Services include computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, etc.

CAD Modeling uses computer aided design techniques to produce conceptual designs, motion path studies, 3D model files, etc. for new and existing products.

Drafting Services produce fabrication and shop drawings, detailing, etc. of parts and products for manufacturing.

Industrial Design handles questions of product usability, aesthetics, and other "envelope" considerations of product design.

Machine Design are services centered around custom machinery design and development used for the production of consumer and durable goods.

Product Design and Development focuses mainly on the conceptual and concept refinement aspects of creating manufactured goods.

General Prototyping produces prototype products mainly through traditional manufacturing techniques such as machining.

Rapid Prototyping provides accelerated turn-around time for prototypes and models using any number of additive manufacturing processes.

Reverse Engineering applies measuring and other techniques to extract design information from existing products.

Manufacturing Process Development concerns itself with the design, layout, and optimization of manufacturing lines and processes.